Saturday, 17 November 2012

Joseph, my handsome little man who came in a hurry

To raise more awareness about prematurity in support of the world premature day, I have decided to share a bit more about Joseph's premature birth.I remember just like it was yesterday my son’s premature birth. We planned Joseph’s pregnancy because we wanted a sibling for Joy so that the close social interaction will help her a lot. Throughout Joseph’s pregnancy I was placed on consultant care because doctors felt that my chances of having a child with downs syndrome were high. So I had lots of scans and checks. Everything went well until my six month when I developed a serious urine infection, after I was discharged from hospital and back home, my baby bump started to over-grow like I was having twins, a condition called Polyhydramnios. It is a medical condition describing an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. The effects of this include breathlessness and premature labour. Approximately two months to my due date, my waters suddenly broke while I was doing some household chores. It was almost unbelievable that I thought i might be having a miscarriage. 
I was taken into city hospital in Nottingham in an ambulance. I was then given some injections that were capable to delaying my labour so that Joseph in order to better his chances. Well, after 3 days in hospital, joe was delivered through an emergency C-section because I was such an excruciating pain that doctors felt my life could be in danger if the operation wasn't carried out immediately. I was given full anesthetic  so I didn't witness when joe was delivered if you know what I mean. Doctors told me that he wasn't breathing when they brought him out and they had to resuscitate him.

After Joe was born, he was kept in the incubator so he ad so many tubes around him. Looking back now, I really salute joe’s bravery because I’ve got needle-phobia and Its amazing how he tolerated the countless needles and blood tests. Not forgetting that he had to have his feed intravenously. Myriads of medical conditions were mentioned by doctors at thee time including the fact he kept catching one infection or the other. Seriously, I don’t even know how I managed through that difficult period. My typical day was within the walls of the hospital as I rarely left the hospital for six months till he was discharged. I would express my breast milk because I wanted to ensure he had that from me since he wasn’t strong enough to feed himself. 

Joseph had uncountable medical investigations and test, and as for me and my husband we just took every single day as it came because there was so much information to take in not forgetting that Joy (Joseph’s big sister has special needs too) I’m definitely summarising my experience because I will need more than a thousand pages to recount my experiences. An aspect like the time joseph’s bones kept breaking because his bones were too brittle and there was no medical reason to explain why. We really went through so much. I’m not even sure I want to remember some of my really challenging moments. Maybe I will in future when I have the time in order for me to inspire other mums and dads out there. One thing I can say from my experiences is that its so important you love your children irrespective of how they came, early or not, disabled or not. You won’t believe how these children impact your life positively. 

My children have impacted my life positively; I feel I’m a strong woman today because I have them. I even run my own business today despite how chaotic my life can with the numerous hospital appointments and therapy sessions! I’m so grateful to God, my family, the wonderful doctors and nurses who cared for my little miracles, Joy and Joe and to everyone who said a prayer for us, thank you so muchJ

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Handsome Joseph's before and after in honour of the World Prematurity Day

                                          1st photo-My first cuddle with Joseph, he's still in the incubator here
                                           2nd photo-Joseph's 3rd birthday
My handsome little man, Joe was born via an emergency ceaserain section two months early.After six months in hospital, Joseph was finally discharged home and he's never been back to hospital since then. I've been procrastinating writing about Joseph for a while because I wanted to share my experiences about Joy first. Moreso, Joseph seem to have outgrown most of his medical concerns(hopefully) over the years and he's just like your regular 3 year old now. However, I came across a lovely blog and this lovely blog inspired me to share Joseph's old picture, never been released before! Hopefully, in our own little way, we can inspire others and create more awareness about the world prematurity day.